English Club

English Club

The verbatim club was started in the year 1996. The English Club is the brain child of our beloved Chairman. The club was inaugurated by our Chairman and the club functions effectively under the guidance of our Chairman. The club ever since its inception runs with an ultimate aim to make the younger generation creative in nature. The club hosts events of its own for various departments in the college. The club is a student run club along with the coordination of faculty advisors. The faculty advisers monitor the activities of the club and they act as facilitators mentoring the members of the club. The members of the club are selected by conducting a screening test to check the proficiency of students. The Proficiency in all the four skills is screened. Based on the results of the screening test the students are helped to identify their own strengths and weaknesses. They are also encouraged to identify their likes and dislikes.

The senior members of the club join with the junior members of the club to discuss the likes and dislikes by conducting one to one meeting and thereby find the areas in which they are very strong. The club aims at finding out what they possess and what they have not. The club conducts various activities by grouping the like- minded people together. i.e. Students with mixed abilities are grouped together as per their strengths, likes and dislikes.

The members of the club meet once in a month and the meetings are planned based on what is convenient for each member without affecting their academics. We encourage the students by a giving cash prize of Rs. 1000 and certificate for the winners of the events The various projects and contests organized reflect the ideas of our members. The members bring any idea to a meeting and they grab cash awards. The activities are designed around the collective vision of the group. It has been 16 Years since the Club was started and it has changed a lot. The English club is ever- growing, ever-changing, ever expanding collection of individuals who strive to see their creative ideals come to fruition. The activities of the club can be divided under two major headings i) activities for developing Skills ii) Competitions conducted for showcasing the latent talents of students in the field of English Language and Literature.

Math Club

Joseph´s Mathematics club (JMC) was inaugurated in the year 1996 by our Chairman.The aim of this club is to motivate and to nurture the interested students to excel in the field of Mathematics and its application. This initiative was made possible through the never ending efforts of our beloved Chairman.

The club conducts various seminars and workshops to stimulate the awareness and interest in the field of mathematics. To entice the other colleges, JMC organizes a national level mathematical symposium JET SIGMA every year. The student coordinators of JMC conduct various events such as mathematical quiz, DumbC, Crossword, Adzap and Olympiad under the guidance of the staff members.

The Mathematics club also conducts various competitions among the Mathematics club members. So it is performing dual role by inculcating arithmetic ability as well as logical thinking among the club members. Events like Adzap, DumbC will widen the creative thinking of the students. We encourage the students by a giving cash prize of Rs. 1000 and certificate for the winners of the events. Every year the interested first year students are inducted into the Mathematics club on the basis of an aptitude test conducted by department faculties in coordination with the senior club members. The senior students share their experience in facing the different competitions conducted by various colleges and universities in India. The members of Mathematics club have participated in various colleges and universities and they have won many prizes.

Quiz Club

The quiz club was started in the year 1996. The club was established due to the earnest attempt of our beloved Chairman. We start the quiz season with the screening test.In addition to the normal test that takes place, interviews are also conducted to induct first year members into the core group. The Freshers attend the Quiz Club which normally has a high turnout and this injection of young blood into the core group of the club adds strength to the existing Members.
The quiz club is a student run club which consists of student members and Faculty advisors. The senior members act as Quiz Masters in turns. The Quiz club meets once in a week and conduct quiz on Technical Topics, Topics related to sports and entertainment. We encourage the students by giving a cash prize of Rs. 1000 and certificate for the winners of the events. Most of the events are group events and at times individual talents are also tested by written tests.

The members of the club participate in the preliminary tests which are usually used to qualify them for the final rounds. The losers in the competitions are allowed to participate in the consequent club activities and they qualify themselves for the Final Quizzing fest to be conducted at the end of the year.

We normally have a huge amount of participation from various departments in the college.The General Quiz is always successful beyond our wildest imagining with over a 100 people participating in the preliminary round. Though that did mean we have to collect quite a lot of detritus of discarded paper and pens from the hall we will be immensely pleased by the response. The level of quizzing should be attributed to the respective quizmasters.

The members of the club participate in various activities conducted outside the college. Our students have participated in various competitions conducted by various organizations in and around Chennai. The quiz club also prepares them technically sound by allowing them to participate in various Technical and general quiz competitions conducted all over Tamilnadu.

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Music Club

While walking through the corridors of St.joseph's one could hear the music played by our own band. thankfully St.joseph's has many talented band, with musicians performing rocking music. it is one of the very active clubs in st.joseph's. we have excellent varieties of band performing rock,jazz, indian music etc. the club servers as an outlet for bringing out the latent talents of students it helps students to develop their musical intelligence and servers as a platform to display their talent. The members of the club participate in various activities conducted in the college. the winners of various competitions held in the college are rewarded on the college day. the club has separa left-alignte orchestras for first year students and seniors. the college orchestra performs on the college day, achievers day conducted in our college. The college orchestra has actively participated in various competitions held in tamilnadu and they won laurels.

Dance Club

St. Josephs Dance club is the confluence of many dynamic rivulets of talented professionals from different genre of practice and thought, lead by our Chairman with the singular objective to provide a platform to exhibit the talents of students. The club aims at exploring and expanding the knowledge of classical and other schools of dance. It aims at creating awareness among the students and to create a newer perspective and ensure overall development. Inextricably connected with the sacred belief that dance encompasses all learning, all sciences and all discipline leading to knowledge of high order, our dance troupe utilizes every opportunity to taste the ripened fruit called learning. The St. Joseph’s Dance Club ever since its inception has performed in several competitions, winning thunderous applause. Thematic presentations, exclusively choreographed by our own team, are distinctive features of St. Joseph’s dance club. The dance troupe has won several laurels almost in all the competitions conducted in Tamilnadu. They have tasted nothing other than success in their attempts. .

Cultural Club


Our students are actively participating in various levels of cultural competitions and having fun and bringing laurels to the college.

Our students are motivated to participate actively in various cultural competitions organized by different organizations in and around Tamilnadu. Some of the institutions where they have won prizes are , Madras Christian College, Kilpauk Medical college, Anna university, P.S.G tech ,etc. These winners are honored in Achievers day.

We are conducting a two day fun packed mega cultural extravaganza event for I year as well as for II, III and IV year students. A well unified amalgamation of 15 talent hunting events such as quiz, egg shell painting, scrap art, light music, etc., are conducted. Students with their stupendous skills exhibit their talent with zeal and dynamism and the well-deserved get the cash reward of Rs. 1000/-, Rs. 600/-, Rs. 400/- for the first, second and the third positions respectively.

It is a platform to put on display the cultural dexterity and to nourish the spirit with the splendiferous palette of multi-flavored events. College Day for I year students and senior students are celebrated separa left-aligntely. This event starts with more startling by the Orchestra team of our college. Students of all departments exhibited their assorted talents and best of the show were rewarded. Amount of Rs. 40,000/- was distributed to the best dances, best variety shows, and innovative entertainments, such that each deserving team received a prize money of Rs. 4000/-. The winners of the cultural events were honored with cash prizes, which were college

We have our own Dance Team and Orchestra team who are exhibiting their talents in the shows conducted at Intra and Inter college level .

Cultural Prize winners

Google Student Club

The Google Student Club is a part of the Google Student Ambassador Program that is hosted by Google across the globe. The Google Student Program envelopes 74 cities in India consisting of 177 GSAs. We are proud that St.Joseph’s College of Engineering is one of the seven Colleges in Chennai which were selected to participate in the Program. Ms. Shaheen Qadir, a student of Third year,Information Technology is the Google Student Ambassador and represents our College in the Program.The program acts as a liaison between our college and Google. The Google Student Club aims to improve the technical and business skill set of fellow students by hosting and organizing events and workshops. It conducts product/program pilots within campus and helps google better understand the culture of our campus.

The members of the club are selected through a screening test where they are tested not only on their intellectual skills but also on their caliber and creativity. The club aims to facilitate students who are technically sound and also students who have great “design thinking” ability. The students get opportunity to interact with members of google community which includes GDGs(Google Developers Group),GSAs(Google Student Ambassadors) andGBGs(Google BusinessGroup).The students are given platform to pitch their ideas and seek guidance for the same. The club also spreads a word about various competitions, boot-camps, scholarships and other opportunities that are provided by Google. The club aims to find the talented students, train them and provide them with opportunities that could help them practice their areas of expertise.

Mock Parliment Club

The Mock Parliament Club is a unique feature of St. Joseph's Group of Institutions. The aim of the club is to conduct the Indian Parliamentary Sessions in the form of a competition. This would help students to learn the functioning of the Indian Parliament which would in turn help them become great leaders of the future. The members of this club would also be roped in to conduct a Mock Parliament every year for students of schools and other colleges. This would get students exposed to real life situations. The club also aims at bringing out the ideas (of the youth) on various matters related to different fields of engineering, technology etc. This would help our students shape their ideas into reality and flourish in their respective fields of interest.

This year The Mock Indian Parliament is conducted for school students as a part of the TRIUMPH 25 celebrations.

Eco-Soc Club

St. JOSEPH’S ECO-SOC CLUB is an initiative taken by our college for the students to become a responsible and good citizen to build a better society.

St. JOSEPH’S ECO-SOC CLUB was formally inaugurated on 12.08.2014. District Judge Mr. A. K. Rathnavelu was the chief guest for the function and Dr. L Venkatachalam, Professor, Madras Institute of Development Studies was the main speaker for the occasion. The function was presided over by Dr. B Babu Manoharan, Managing Director, St. Joseph’s Group of Institutions, Dr.Vaddi Seshagiri Rao, Principal, St. Joseph’s College of Engineering and Dr. Ravichandran , Principal, St. Joseph’s Institute of Technology.

The main objective of this club :

  • To aim at reaching out and educating the students about the social, economic and political issues prevailing in our society and across the globe.
  • To enlighten the students about the basic issues surrounding in our everyday lives.
  • To motivate and create future leaders to face the competitive world.

  • St. JOSEPH’S ECO-SOC CLUB activities include Paper Presentation Competition, Debate, Discussions, MUN, Moot Court, Eco- Soc Quiz, etc.

    A Model United Nations (MUN) workshop was organized on 5th and 6th February 2015 in collaboration with Young Leaders Consortium (YLC).

    The St. Joseph’s MUN 2015, a two day conference was held on the 3rd and 4th July 2015, a step forward into World Diplomacy. The conference was inaugurated by guest of honor Dr. R Thandavan, Vice Chancellor, University of Madras and Dr. B. Babu Manoharan, Managing Directors, St. Joseph’s Group of Institutions. The Conference was organized as a part of St. Joseph’s ECOSOC club in collaboration with the Young Leaders Consortium (YLC). YLC is an organization founded by young leaders of India. The organization is selected as the International Steering Committee Member Organization for the UNESCO Global Alliance on Media and Gender. YLC focuses on the promotion of student interest in international relations and build leadership qualities. The St. Joseph’s MUN 2015 was tied up with OSLO MUN which is one of the largest MUN organizers in Norway. The co-sponsor for the conference is Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS).