The verbatim club was started in the year 1996. The English Club is the brain child of our beloved Managing Director. The club was inaugurated by our Managing Director and the club functions effectively under the guidance of our Managing Director. The club ever since its inception runs with an ultimate aim to make the younger generation creative in nature. The club hosts events of its own for various departments in the college. The club is a student run club along with the coordination of faculty advisors. The faculty advisers monitor the activities of the club and they act as facilitators mentoring the members of the club. The members of the club are selected by conducting a screening test to check the proficiency of students. The Proficiency in all the four skills is screened. Based on the results of the screening test the students are helped to identify their own strengths and weaknesses. They are also encouraged to identify their likes and dislikes.

The senior members of the club join with the junior members of the club to discuss the likes and dislikes by conducting one to one meeting and thereby find the areas in which they are very strong. The club aims at finding out what they possess and what they have not. The club conducts various activities by grouping the like- minded people together. i.e. Students with mixed abilities are grouped together as per their strengths, likes and dislikes.
The members of the club meet once in a month and the meetings are planned based on what is convenient for each member without affecting their academics. We encourage the students by a giving cash prize of Rs. 1000 and certificate for the winners of the events The various projects and contests organized reflect the ideas of our members. The members bring any idea to a meeting and they grab cash awards. The activities are designed around the collective vision of the group. It has been 16 Years since the Club was started and it has changed a lot. The English club is ever- growing, ever-changing, ever expanding collection of individuals who strive to see their creative ideals come to fruition. The activities of the club can be divided under two major headings i) activities for developing Skills ii) Competitions conducted for showcasing the latent talents of students in the field of English Language and Literature.