Internet Facilities

Our college campus including hostels is well connected through Optical Fiber Network. This optical fiber network connects 500 Nodes in ring topology ensuring reliable connections all the time. This network is made up of 25 Layer 2 manageable, stackable switches and three Layer 3 manageable core switches. A core multimode OFC connects these switches. This campus network is implemented at the cost of 48.62 lakhs.

The security is implemented by installing Hardware Firewall CYBER ROAM 500i of worth at the cost of 5.2 lakhs .

This internet facility is used well for research, curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities by Students and Staff members. It is very useful to access e-Journals namely IEEE and Science Direct.

  • 40 Mbps : (1: 1 dedicated Internet Leased line) ISP Provider Airtel

  • 125 Mbps : (1: 1 dedicated Internet Leased line) ISP Provider Reliance

  • 10 Mbps : NMEICT BSNL VOIPP lines