Mess-Dining hall

A spacious mess is available with an area of 65,000 sqft including the dining hall, kitchen, ice cream parlour, bakery and all other facilities. The Dining hall can accommodate about 1200 students per batch. Apart from this an exclusive vegetarian dining hall which can accommodate 400 students per batch is available.
Food is cooked hygienically.Facility to cook rice with steam reduces the cooking time and students can get steaming hot food.Separate seating arrangements are made for boys & girls as well as vegetarians & non vegetarians.
Ice creams and sweets are served every day for all the students. Breakfast and tea are served in front of the classroom blocks.
For the students who attend special classes in the evening after the regular classes, tea and snacks are served.All visitors to the college,teaching and non teaching staff take breakfast, lunch and evening snacks in the Dining hall at free of cost.

Vegetarian, Diet vegetarian and Non vegetarian food is served every day.

Vegetarian food:

Our vegetarian menu includes traditional South Indian dishes as well tasty North Indian and Chinese dishes.

Diet Vegetarian food:

In the Diet vegetarian section we serve Nutritious soup and dishes with less salt. Low calorie food items like dry chapattis, dhal, fresh vegetables salad and rice with rasam are served.

Non Vegetarian food:

Non vegetarian section is naturally quite famous in which you find variety of dishes prepared form Mutton, Chicken, Fish, Egg as well as Dry fish.
All the six days one can enjoy Non vegetarian menu without any break.
Menu List

Cleaning -Systems:

Hygiene plays a vital role in any such huge mess activity We have a well maintained system to take care of the hygiene and cleanliness of the mess. All the used plates are washed and dipped in boiling hot water then wiped clean with a cloth by a separate team of workers and atmost care is taken to see that things are maintained at the best possible hygiene level.

Our Guests

We do strongly believe in the Vedic verse Athithi Devebyo Namaha, Hospitality plays an important role in our institution.
We have a separate area earmarked for visitors and Parents who can comfortably dine and get their doubts cleared about the activities of the mess.

Care to Sick Students:

As per prescription of doctor care will be taken for sick students. We serve hot water, rice malt, bread, milk,etc.,as per the need.

Special -Lunch

We celebrate the important festivals. To list a few we celebrate, Pongal, Ugadi, Ramzan, Ganesha Festival, Onam, Vijaya dasami, Deepavali and Christmas.
Dishes are prepared and served as per the tradition on those specific days.